Fall 2022 Workshop with Deborah Hay in Austin, TX

Fall 2022 Workshop with Deborah Hay

"finding coherence in movement and choreography -- for performers interested in both"

My mind is my body in dance. This coherency sustains my practice. 

It is how I maintain and confirm my interest in movement, performance, and choreography. Tools will be offered to support access to your own experience of coherence while dancing.

I will guide a daily collective movement practice based on finding coherence through the cellular body. Writing will be part of our practice. Working within modules of 5 persons, short individual and ensemble choreographies will accrue through the movement and writing that transpires each day. Choreographically the only caveat is that there is no obvious representation or illustration in the movement.

-Deborah Hay


September 12-22, 2022; 10am-4pm

*Saturday, September 17 off


Private Historic Ballroom

Austin, TX




Applications open May 9, 2022 thru June 30, 2022

*Applicants will be notified by July 5, 2022


Our hosts will follow CDC protocols. Masking is recommended and updates will be provided closer to date based on local numbers. We ask that international travelers provide a negative test upon arrival. We are in a spacious and private historic house and ballroom. There are multiple windows and vents for air ventilation. We have access to shaded porch area outdoors with rocking chairs and ample room to spread out to enjoy the fresh air overlooking Austin's lady bird lake. 


Amy Morrow


Details and registration: https://www.thetheorists.org/dhdc