Accolades from 2016 US touring performances of Figure a Sea

"This Sublime New Dance Work Embraces Wonder" -- Siobhan Burke
The New York Times 10/7/2016
Performed by 20 dancers of the Cullberg Ballet, with an original score by Laurie Anderson, it’s one sublime hour of asking without needing to know.  [link to review...]

"Cullberg Ballet dazzles after 15-year absence from Bay Area" -- Allan Ulrich
Absent from the Bay Area for 15 years, Sweden’s famed Cullberg Ballet returned over the weekend, brandishing a new aesthetic policy and an extraordinary new work. By ministerial fiat, the troupe abandoned ballet for modernism several years ago, and if the fare at home is as challenging as Deborah Hay’s “Figure a Sea,” introduced here at Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall on Saturday, Oct. 22, then Sweden has a national dance treasure on its hands. [link to review...

"Deborah Hay’s Figure a Sea Creates a Space for Reflection" -- Jane Rosenberg 
Seen and Heard International
Meditative, spare, hypnotic, fascinating, and tender – words that aptly express the experience of seeing Deborah Hay’s Figure a Sea. Her minimalist aesthetic combined with her insistence on the poetry of everyday movements forge a quiet yet compelling inner dialogue for every dancer, and offer the audience a window into the workings of each dancer’s mind and body. [link to review...]

Austin Workshop 2017: Re-choreographing Ourselves

Re-choreographing Ourselves:
a 10 day workshop conducted by Deborah Hay in Austin, Texas

“My work relies on the persistent presence of the questions, rendering useless a reliance on memory and anticipation. My questions are meant to inspire and engage performers, individually and collectively, in noticing instances of cognitive feedback from the questions as they stimulate the cellular body.”

January 23 – 27 and Jan 30 – February 3, 2017
for 15 experienced performers

cost: $800
registration by Nov 23, 2016 / tuition in full by Dec 15, 2016
catered lunch optional for minimal charge

For information and registration contact
Amy Morrow
6218 Hillston Drive
Austin, TX, 78745