Austin Workshop: Spring 2018

Being a Pig or a questionable formula for the practice of dance: a 10 day workshop conducted by Deborah Hay in Austin, Texas.

Through exercises in seeing/ relationship/stillness/being a pig/ and repetition, we will arrive, in a village atmosphere, in a co-choreographed dance.

“My work relies on the persistent presence of the questions, rendering useless a reliance on memory and anticipation.” -Deborah Hay

April 23-May 3, 2018
Mon-Fri & Sun-Th
15 mature performers

Applications open Nov. 16, 2017 until Feb 19, 2018
Applicants will be notified by March 1, 2018.
Tuition due in full by March 9, 2018

For information and registration contact:
Amy Morrow