Turn Your F*^king Head, produced and distributed by Routledge, July 31, 2015

Turn Your F*^king Head is an hour documentary made in 2012 by British filmmaker Becky Edmunds, about Deborah Hay's last Solo Performance Commissioning Project at the Findhorn Community Foundation, near Inverness, Scotland. With a poetic certainty Edmunds follows the process by which Hay transmits and coaches the same solo dance to 20 individuals dancer/choreographers, from 11 different countries, during 10 consecutive days.

"I hope that the film will be seen by artists around the world because it is not only an educational tool that proposes an alternative way of creating dance material, but it also manages to encompass the trajectory of the postmodern dance world of the past forty years."   Anne Bogart (Columbia University and Artistic Director of SITI Company)

The Gill Clarke Resources Fund was set up with the advance on the sales of Turn Your F^*king Head, a DVD resource about Deborah Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project. It is named for Gill Clarke, one of the key artists who developed Independent Dance into the organization it is today in London, England. The fund is supported in part through the royalties from the sales of this DVD. The Gill Clarke Resource Fund provides dance artists with limited means to acquire books, journals, DVDs, or music for their professional development and research.
Routledge DVD Package:
The DVD includes the documentary, and is accompanied by a booklet with two specially commissioned essays by Susan Foster, Bojana Bauer and Myrto Katsiki, and a personal letter from Deborah Hay to Gill Clarke.  It reveals the discernment, humor, inquiry, and humility of one of the most respected and original dance artists of our time.

The film is currently included in the Routledge Performance Archive.

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"Review: Deborah Hay, Choreographer and Disrupter"
New York Times 4/25/16:

Photo by Leon Alesi: 

Photos from my choreographed body, 2016, available for press. For greater resolution photos of my choreographed body contact haydeborah @  

 Photo credit: William Frederking

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