Boom Boom Boom (2001)
Three solos by Deborah Hay: The Other side of O, Fire, and Boom Boom Boom

Music (2001)
Solo (spcp Whidbey Island)

Whizz (2001)
Sextet for White Oak Dance Project

Single Duet (2001)
Duet for Deborah Hay and Mikhail Baryshnikov

O, Beautiful (2002)
Solo (spcp Whidbey Island)

Beauty (2002)

A Lecture on the Performance of Beauty (2004)

The Match (2004)
Quartet, with Roz Warby, Wally Cardona, Chrysa Parkinson, and Mark Lorimer

The Ridge (2004)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

Room (2005)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

"O,O" (2005)
Quintet, with Jeanine Durning, Neil Greenberg, Miguel Gutierrez, Juliette Mapp, and Vicky Shick

"O,O" (French Adaptation, 2006)
Sextet, with Nuno Bizarro, Corinne Garcia, Emmanuelle Huynh, Jennifer Lacey, Catherine Legrand, Laurent Pichaud, Sylvain Prunenec
News (2006)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

The North Door (2006)
Solo (spp Finland)

The Runner (2007)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

Mountain (2007)
Trio, 3 Solo Adaptations, with Amelia Reeber, Peggy Piacenza, and Gaelen Hanson

Go (2007)

If I Sing To You (2008)
Sextet, with Amelia Reeber, Juliette Mapp, Jeanine Durning, Vera Nevanlinna, Catherine Legrand, and Michelle Boulé

I’ll Crane for You (2008)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

Grope, Find It, and Pull It Out (2008)
Quartet, with Fiona Millward, Andrea Buckley, Jane Mason, and Rachel Krische

Found Music (2008)
Duet for Mike Barber and Cydney Wilkes

Up Until Now (2009)
Group for Toronto Dance Theater's Alana Elmer, Luke Garwood, Yuichiro Inoue, Whitney Mah, Kaitlin Standeven Brodie Stevenson, Andrew Tayor, Matt Waldie, Kamen Wang, Sarah Wasik, Linnea Wong

Market (2009)
Solo (spp Sweden)

At Once (2009)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

Lightening (2010)
Group, with Joona Halonen, Satu Halttunen, Anne Hiekkaranta, Jyrki Karttunen, Jenni-Elina Lehto, Vera Nevanlinna

No Time To Fly (2010)

Breaking the Chord (2010)
Group, for 33 dancers from the SNDO, Amsterdam.

In the Dark (2010)
Solo (spp Australia)

Art and Life (2010)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

Conquest (2011)
Solo (spp Portugal)

Indivisibilities (2011)
Duet with Laurent Pichaud

I Think Not (2011)
Solo (spcp Findhorn)

A Lost Opera (2011)
A Collaboration with experimental theater director Jason Byrne
Trio, with Ella Clarke, Cindy Cummings, Julie Lockett

As Holy Sites Go (2011)
Trio, with Jeanine Durning, Juliette Mapp, and Ros Warby

Figure a Sea (2015)
21 dancers, Cullberg Ballet plus 6 guest dancers
Anand Bolder, Alexandra Campbell, Eleanor Campbell, Jac Carlsson, Eszter Czédulas, Samuel Draper, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Unn Faleide, Katie Jacobson, Eva Mohn, Gesine Moog, Anna Pehrsson, Adam Schütt, Daniel Sjökvist, Vincent Van Der Plas, Tiran Willemse and guests Ulrika Berg, Barry Brannum, Anne Hiekkaranta, Paolo Mangiola, Vera Nevanlinna, Tillman O'Donnell

Tenacity of Space (2017)
quintet for Dance On / Berlin, Germany
with Christopher Roman, Brit Rodemund, Jone San Martin, Ty Boomershine, Amancio Gonzales

pause, (2018)
trio with Eric Geiger, Jess Humphrey, Leslie Seiters

Where Home Is (2018)
Trio with Flora Wesley Wellesley, Stephanie McMann, Ellie Sikorski